You want a new home and need a loan!

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or experienced at buying and selling homes there are so many options out there.  Either way, you will need to connect with a lender.  A lender will get you a pre-qualification letter or pre-approval letter.  If you don't already have a lender I can provide you with a list of options.  Below outlines the steps you need to take before you start the search for your new home. 


1.  Reach out to a few lenders.  Talk to them about your situation.  Are you a first time home buyer, a veteran, are you looking to sell your existing home to get into a new home?

2.  Based upon your credit history, income, assets and debts, the lender will provide you with an estimate on how much of a mortgage you can afford.  You can usually get your mortgage estimate within a matter of minutes and most lenders will do it free of charge. The lender will then provide you with a pre-qualification letter that states you have been pre-qualified for a mortgage.

3.  Once you have your pre-approval letter, you need to be mindful of your budget.  Don't go out and spend money on big purchases, open new credit card accounts or take on new expenses.  All of this may impact your current pre-approval status.

4.  Now that you understand what you are potentially qualified for you can start searching for homes. Give me a call so we can get your search underway and find you your new home 704-699-8460.


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